Eric Sprott: It’s Not Going To Take Much From Here To Get To $1400 Gold

Eric says that something has changed in the markets recently. Here’s the details…

Eric Sprott interviewed by Craig Hemke on The Weekly Wrap Up

In the final weekly wrap-up for 2017, Eric Sprott talks the top stories of the year and makes his predictions for the New Year ahead.

The good news? Gold is up almost 13%—the best since 2010. “It’s been a pretty steady, consistent kind of rise here, it’s like something has changed in the market,” Eric says.

Comparatively, “you saw what happened with cryptocurrencies—the degree to which they’ve exploded. We’ve seen nothing in gold and silver… There’s lot of reasons to think more and more people are going to come into this market.” Eric adds, “these are usable items that will always have value.”

Get Eric’s full thoughts on:

  • How the new U.S. Tax Bill will affect the dollar and bond markets
  • Political uncertainty and how it will affect the precious metals markets
  • The big stories of 2018