Eric Sprott: Is the West Dishoarding Its Sovereign Treasure?

Eric Sprott, who last week sat down with The Doc for an in-depth interview on gold, silver, and the financial collapse, was also interviewed by Peak Prosperity’s Chris Martensen.  Sprott informs Martenson that:
The non-G6 nations have been huge buyers of gold, and I think the more anybody looks at the system from outside looking in, they realize they have to have gold and silver, notwithstanding the nonsense that goes on in COMEX and the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association).

When I got involved in the gold market, it was assumed that the central banks had something like 36,000 tons of gold. And there was a great study done by Frank Veneroso where he suggests 18,000 those tons didn’t even exist anymore.

Full MUST LISTEN interview is below:

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