Eric Sprott: “I MUST Warn You”

Eric says it like it is: “THEY knocked gold DOWN!”. Eric gives his thoughts on the BLS Nonfarms Payrolls Report, the economy in general, and gold and silver specifically…

Eric Sprott of Sprott Money interviewed by Craig Hemke

Eric Sprott starts off with a warning “I’m grumpy today and we’ll leave it at that”. The focus immediately turns on the negative jobs report, and on top of Eric breaking down just how bad it was, he is especially angry at the precious metals price suppression and market manipulation going on.

The significance of this week’s move is one of the main events the gold cartel uses as cover to smash price. Eric reminds us the key smashing favorites of the cartel are the FOMC meetings and the monthly non-farms payrolls report (which was today).

Now is a great time to be buying gold to take advantage of this latest whack job on the precious metals. Right now they have succeeded in working the price back down, and they do over and over and over again.

Here’s the latest wrap up of macroeconomic fundamental news on the on the economy in general, and the gold and silver markets in particular.