Eric Sprott: “COMEX Data is Corrupted”

sprottI just think that the COMEX data is corrupted.  It’s very hard to make any sense of it all. The fact that there’s no deliveries from the dealers is incredible. You’d think there’d be some change in the inventory. I don’t care whether it’s up or down, but at least you’d think there’d be some change.”  -Eric Sprott

SDBullion is proud to present the exclusive Heidi Wasweet Latin Series Collection produced by the GoldSeek Mint with the first Silver Round of the four round series entitled: Veritas Lux Mea (Truth is My Light)


Truth means honest money.  Silver and gold represent money of value — monetarily and beyond.
The Truth is My Light .999 Fine Silver Troy Ounce Round beautifully symbolizes the fire, our desire to seek honest money.
Light pours out from the flame and reveals truth to the seeker.
The Veritas Lux Mea side presents the seeker. Her enlightment is another part of the masterfully hand crafted design by Heidi Wasweet.