Eric Sprott: “Are We Going To See A Shortage Of The Metal Here?”

Eric says that two of the four precious metals are in serious deficits. Here’s the latest on how close the COMEX is to having their frauds exposed for all to see…

Eric Sprott interviewed by Craig Hemke on The Sprott Money Weekly Wrap Up

Eric starts off with discussing the latest data releases of the week, and he says that these numbers must be suspect. One can only assume they are massaged and manipulated to paint a certain picture.

Eric moves on to discussing palladium, and he says the palladium market may be thirty years behind in supply. Eric wonders if the shortage is set to break-out with one of the metals and that could bring everything down.

The conversation then moves on to gold and silver. Eric notes that silver is also short on supply nearly half of a year.

Ultimately, Eric hopes the palladium or silver shortage issues can expose the COMEX for the fraud it is.

There is also discussion of the other metals including the base metals.

After going over the macroeconomic picture and the metals markets, the conversation turns political with the latest happenings in the Trump Administration.

Eric says that it will create weakness for the dollar because everything is uncharted.

Finally, Craig and Eric conclude the week with a discussion on the mining shares.