Eric Sprott: 2014 Will Be the Year Gold & Silver Set New All-Time Nominal Highs!

sprottOur friend Eric Sprott, the man who nailed silver’s move from $18 to $49.73 in late 2010 (when he predicted silver would rise to $50 in the next 6 months) has made another bold prediction for gold and silver for 2014: Gold will break $2,000, and silver will surpass its previous all-time nominal high of $50.
The price of gold and silver will both hit new highs in 2014. The price of gold goes north of $2,000, and silver will quickly go over $50. When it does, it will get a little crazy.  They know a day of reckoning is coming, and they are setting up for it. . . . I am convinced some sovereign banking systems fail in 2014.
Eric Sprott’s full interview with Greg Hunter is below:

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