EPIC Raid Sends Gold to $1300 Handle, Silver to $22!

JP Morgan*Update: Gold to $1350, silver to $22 handle at $22.94!!

Gold and silver are rallying off overnight epic lows this morning, as gold was smashed another $100 into the $1300’s, and silver was crushed another $3 all the way to $23! In all, silver was smashed nearly $5 (18%) and gold $165 (11%) from Friday morning!
The strength of the rally in early COMEX trading is a good first sign that the worst is past, as the cartel raises to raise metals prices before the London fix.

Silver crushed $3 (nearly $5 from Friday morning!) to $23:



*Update: Epic rout continues, silver plunging through $23 to $22.94 (not even registering on the 1 minute chart)

Gold’s overnight dip to a $1300 handle:


*Gold now plunging to $1356!