Epic Payrolls Miss- Worst NFP Since 2013!

  • NFP + 126,000 on expectations of +245k
  • Official Unemployment rate unchanged at 5.5%
  • Jan & Feb revised 69k jobs lower
  • Labor Force Participation rate falls to 62.7%, record 93 million Americans not in the labor force (how the BLS can fabricate the 5.5% unemployment rate)Whelp…now we know why the BLS released the April NFP on a day the markets were closed…gold & silver are poised to EXPLODE on Sunday’s Globex open…

     *11:45am EST Update:

Banks are currently offering silver .45 higher than Friday’s close, and around $10-$15 higher in gold. 
A BIG gap upwards is expected on Sunday’s Globex open…



We suspect gold & silver will NOT be flat lined come Sunday evening…prepare for fireworks as the market suddenly has realized the Fed has NO chance of meaningfully raising rates…