Elliott Wave Trader: Gold & Silver To Rally Into The Face Of A Big Stock Market Sell-Off

How much will gold & silver rally, and how is it gold & silver can rally in the face of a big stock market sell-off anyway? Here are the details…

by Glenn West of West Pacific Trading Analytics

It has been a few months since I really had anything to talk about – until now.  We are at last near completing the Wave 2C/B of the ongoing grinding Wave 2 off the 2011 highs.  As we work out way higher now only 3 wave to go to complete this B which is targeting early 2020.  Then a very quick and fast correction into the final C low which I expect to be a crash wave, will be back in the future to discuss that once the B is complete.

What stands out here is this Wave 3 that is about to kick into gear, we have one last push lower in Gold and its shall kick off with a bang.  We should see the 5 waves up into this move complete around July of 2019 with Gold target of 1613 and Silver target of 29.29.

One note, I feel for this first move that the miners will most likely top out ahead of Gold, watching price here more than time.

Many have asked, how can Gold and Silver rally into the face of a big market selloff?   It is cycle based, nothing more and do not try to paint any other reason for it.  Money will chase it based just off the technical picture, understand this is how markets function and even more so today.

Have taken the time to include the charts that I provide to the subscribers of my trading products.  We provide daily updates on the trades, including the ETFs and key individual mining stocks.

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