Most Won’t Recognize Gold’s In A Bull Market Until We Take Out New All-Time Highs (Next Year)

We are far from gold being in the mainstream…

from Palisade Radio with E.B. Tucker

E.B. says, “Your experiences shape you, and they are cumulative. Therefore it’s important with whom and how you spend your time.” He has made the majority of his money on the more obvious trades. An example of this is the current gold to silver ratio. Momentum indicators are showing that we are in a new gold bull market, but most investors won’t take notice until we take out the past highs. He thinks this will happen next year.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – His early career.
2:40 – Finding the easy money trade.
5:20 – We are far from gold being mainstream.
7:55 – Lessons from Doug Casey.
13:45 – Avoiding trading mistakes.
15:20 – The royalty business.