Donald Trump Said Willing To Consider A Gold Standard

goldPerhaps THIS is why the Elites were so desperate to prevent a Donald Trump Presidency? 



From Justin O’Connell:

Marijuana for medical purposes? President-elect Donald J. Trump is for it. Helping people when they come to the US asking for help? “Absolutely,” he says, with a caveat: “People have to come into the country legally.” Man buns he admits have “never been my thing.” 

As for bringing back the gold standard, the global economy order until World War II, President-elect Trump thinks it will be hard but is open-minded.

“Bringing back the gold standard would be very hard to do, but boy would it be wonderful,” he said. “We’d have a standard on which to base our money.”

In the past several decades, an increasingly boisterous subset of preppers, investors and conspiracy theorists identified gold as a safehaven against global economic instability. They cited money printing policies, the treat of war and general fear as reason for the hedge. Now, the reason to buy gold might be totally different: the President-elect gets down down with the yellow metal.

For instance, on SNL, Mr. Trump stated he tweets from a golden toilet bowl. Indeed, irl, Mr. Trump leads a golden lifestyle. 

After Trump announced he would run for president, comedian Stephen Colbert quipped of Trump’s “luxurious, gold-plated, diamond encrusted” campaign.

Trump’s got 24k Super Premium Vodka Well. He accepts rent paid in gold bullion from big players in the retail gold industry. A 24 karat themed Custom Gold Motorcycle might make its appearance soon in the presidential motorcade. Also, perhaps, his gold-plated helicopter Trump owns. Maybe he will vacation to his 40,000 square foot mansion, or his Trump Tower Penthouse, both which are adorned in gold. The Penthouse features a Louis XIV-style Manhattan apartment features marble floors, walls and columns, ceiling frescos, wing cherubs; and diamond chandeliers.  He’s also got a Private jet with 24-karat gold fauces. He’s also got an affinity for gold-tinted glass. In July, he spoke as presidential hopeful from a golden stage. So, he’s into gold.

Adding to the notion that President-elect Trump is somewhat of a goldbug (though he’s reportedly made statements to the contrary), alongside Mr. Trump’s reported business dealings with a “buyer and seller of gold” the New York Times reported in 1983 on how Mr. Trump gained a vague amount of wealth:

After the Government legalized private ownership of gold on Jan. 1, 1975, [Mr. Trump] jumped in and bought heavily. An ounce was then selling for $185. ”We sold in the range of $780, $790. We did very well. It’s easier than the construction business.” he said.

Even Trump Tower marketing materials hinted towards the billionaires love of extravagance: A promotional slide show for Trump Tower says it is ”the ultimate vision of an elegant life seen through a golden eye.”

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