Polonium Poisoning, Russia, & the CIA: Not Your Average Assassination Attempt

russian-spyAn Assassination Attempt On Trump Operative Roger Stone Using Polonium?
Rob Kirby Joins Us to Warn the Globalists Will STOP AT NOTHING to Keep Trump Out of the Oval Office… 



Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics joins Silver Doctors to discuss the mass awakening occurring around the world…

The election of Trump is a severe impediment to the globalist’s plan, Kirby says.

But the demise of globalism is not about Trump, Kirby reveals. Instead, it’s the result of people waking up to the truth.

But if Trump really is against globalism, why is he picking so many establishment-type people for his cabinet positions? Will Trump follow through on his promises? Stay tuned to find out Kirby’s perspective!

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