Dollar’s Turn To Decline Furthers Stagflation, Stimulates Commodities Bull

gold bullIs the gold and silver bull roaring back to life? 

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TND Exclusive:  Welcome To Dystopia #22

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St and independent financial journalist and managing editor of The News Doctors, Eric Dubin are back for Episode #22 of their Welcome to Dystopia show.

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Jason starts off the show by asking Eric about the correction in gold and silver and if he thinks it’s over?  Eric thinks the correction is indeed over.

Jason and Eric discuss whether the rich Democrats who are PhD economists at the Federal Reserve are helping keep the stock market propped up to help Hillary Clinton win the election.

Jason and Eric discuss the potential manipulation tug of war in the oil market and also the commodities bull market that has restarted now thanks to inflation picking up again globally.

Obama slipped Bernie through the side door of the White House today.  POTUS tried to get Bernie to end his campaign. Sanders says he’s going all the way to the convention. But he will ultimately fall in line.  When word of Obama’s endorsement of Clinton hit the newswires, Sanders was in a public meeting with Senator Harry Reid. All Sanders could bring himself to do was look down at the floor, offering no comment to assembled reporters. Video and full story:

Scumbag Nominees:
1) Maduro for collapsing Venezuela and endorsing Bernie Sanders
2) Hollywood Celebrities who love Venezuela’s economy:…
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