‘Dollar About to Crash’, 170,000 Tons of Gold Held in Secret Hawaii Vault – World Bank Whistleblower

In this interview with RT, World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes drops numerous bombshells- claiming that the dollar is valueless and is about to crash.
Perhaps of most interest to precious metals investors, Hudes appears to allude to the legendary Yamashita’s Gold- claiming that over 170,000 tons of gold bullion- more than the global stated reserves- are secretly held in a Hawaiian vault.
Hudes also states that gold prices have been smashed over the past 2 years due to market manipulation, but that will change, and soon (even though Hudes claims secret gold supplies greatly outnumber official stated reserves).
Former GATA member Bix Weir has long claimed that there are vastly larger global supplies of gold than silver- has the former World Bank lawyer let the public in on the secret, or is she just another dis-info agent attempting to discredit gold as a dollar alternative?
Hude’s full RT interview is below:

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