Dollar Collapse to be Triggered TONIGHT? It’s THE Big Deal That Nobody is Talking About

dollar-burn-fireYes…this is really happening!

Submitted by Bix Weir

The silence is deafening.

SilverMapleSDBullionJASTA, the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, will turn into a law at midnight tonight unless Obama signs the veto. The White House is still claiming they will “veto” the bill even though they know that Congress will override the veto next week.

So what will Obama do? If he signs the veto then he will piss off everybody in the USA who is still angry about 911. If he signs it into law then HE would take the heat for helping destroy the already fragile markets.

But he can also do nothing thus executing a “pocket veto” and since Congress is in session today and next week…it becomes LAW at midnight TONIGHT!

So what? What are the ramifications of the JASTA bill becoming Law?

Well, the Saudi’s are on record that they would sell all their US assets IF the law is passed. that’s a very big deal for the markets and the US Dollar.

Here’s what would LIKELY happen next week IF JASTA becomes LAW and the Saudi’s get this ball rolling…

David Morgan Analyzes a Dollar Collapse

Yes…this is really happening!

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