Demand For Physical Gold & Silver Bullion Increases As Geopolitical Tensions Erupt Around The World

Now more than ever, it is vital to protect yourself, to take personal liberty over your finances and to prepare for the coming hard times…

by Nathan McDonald via Sprott Money News

You can sense it. You can feel it.

The tension in the air is all around us, and it’s not just isolated to one country. Rather, it is a global phenomenon.

Geopolitical angst is rising as trade wars rage across the globe, with countries picking sides and either moving radically to the left or to the right, with all middle ground rapidly evaporating.

This is a recipe for disaster, and we are soon to enter a period of incredible turmoil and unrest, as people become more and more desperate to assert their political will over their opponents, no matter the cost.

This will, as it always has, lead to great political upheaval, upending the proverbial apple cart in the process.

We already see this unfolding in politics all over the world, as people take more and more extreme measures, forgoing the traditional means of change and adopting more radical approaches.

Look at Venezuelalook at Francelook at the United States. Change is happening, and it is happening fast.

Now more than ever, it is vital to protect yourself, to take personal liberty over your finances and to prepare for the hard times that are soon to be upon us.

There are many steps that could be taken to mitigate the risks coming to you and your family. However, first and foremost is the acquisition of gold and silver bullion, both of which are tried, tested and true ways of preserving your wealth in times of increased tension and chaos.

I personally believe that taking physical possession of your precious metals is the first step in this process. This is an insurance policy that has worked for thousands of years, getting people through some of hardest times in human history.

However, I also believe that you should not put all of your eggs in one basket, and diversifying the location of your holdings is vital in protecting your wealth.

Once you have the appropriate amount of precious metals in your physical possession, I believe it is prudent to begin researching trusted bullion storage facilities, which are regularly audited to ensure they have the holdings they claim to have.

Fortunately, many people are waking up to the madness we now find ourselves in and are taking steps to protect themselves.

Interest in physical precious metals is once again on the rise, with sales of U.S. Silver Eagles rising sharply by 25% year over year, totaling 4,017,500 ounces in January vs. 3,235,000 ounces last year during the same time period.

This trend carried across the board, as the sale of Gold Eagles also rose by 10% year over year.

Demand has still not reached the highs we witnessed throughout 2015. However, the sluggish trend that we have seen in recent years is clearly beginning to reverse, as gold and silver news begins to change from mostly negative to largely positive.

As I recently predicted, 2019 looks as if it is going to be a major turning point for precious metals.

The crypto bubble has popped, the stock market is over-inflated, and the Fed is caving to the demands of the markets. All of which are gold positive, as it once again begins to move back into the spotlight as a favored asset class.

Expect tensions to increase throughout 2019 the world over, with gold and silver bullion rising in tangent with it.

Prepare yourself, protect yourself, and keep stacking.