Deconstructing False Flag Terror; A Review Of MANY Cases – Kevin Barrett

In another outstanding “Guns & Butter” broadcast, Dr. Kevin Barrett examines over 10 events that he believes were false flag operations:


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The News Doctors syndicated last week’s show discussing the Charlie Hebdo shootings in France and if you missed it, click here.   — Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors.

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TND Podcast Spotlight:  Guns & Butter

Kevin Barrett discusses his article, Pre-and Post 9/11 False Flags: How Weapons of Mass Deception Are Interdependent. The official narrative or story explaining the events of September 11th has created a public myth of Muslims attacking the United States. This myth constitutes the official justification for the Long War, the war that will not end in our lifetime, The War on Terror. Maintaining the myth of 9/11 is accomplished by intermittently creating or publicizing smaller terror events. We examine some of the larger pre-and post 9/11 false flag terror events.

Aired on Pacifica Radio Network Station KPFA in Berkeley, California on July 29, 2015.

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