DC Watches Helplessly as Putin Bombs the Daylights out of their Pet Terrorists

putinMake no mistake, the Russian involvement in Syria is, without a doubt, an enormous game-changer…



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Russia’s Offensive Begins

Well, well, Russia has now begun their long-awaited offensive against ISIS/Daesh/Al-Nusra/Al-Qaeda/Free Syrian Army, over the past week, a great deal has been seen (and learned) about what it means, and how it will change the dynamic going forward.

Make no mistake, the Russian involvement in Syria is, without a doubt, an enormous game-changer here. To my mind, it could be the most vitally important event in all of 2015, for several reasons which I’ll detail in a moment, but first, before we lay those out, we must first remind ourselves what the bankster, globalists’ real involvement in Syria was all about in the first place.  This map lays it all out, very clearly.

Syria 1

Once again, for anyone who thought that DC and its cohorts wished to play the international ‘activist’, simply because they sympathized with an ‘oppressed population’, nothing could be further from the truth.

It was all about energy, specifically, natural gas, and its transit through the Middle East, and who would control that transit.

As you can see above, there have been a series of competing gas pipeline plans throughout the Middle East, each one representing a different gameplan by a different series of interested parties.

There is no doubt that, for many years, Washington and its chief, globalist allies in Europe have wanted to be free of giving direct patronage to Russia for its gas, but they didn’t really have many feasible alternatives.  So, finally, a desperate plan was hatched by DC, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar to lay alternative pipelines up through the Levant to Europe, bypassing the Russian Federation.  As this squib from zerohedge states:

“Turkey is Gazprom’s second-largest customer. The entire Turkish energy security structure relies on gas from Russia and Iran. Plus, Turkey was harboring Ottoman-like ambitions of becoming a strategic crossroads for the export of Russian, Caspian-Central Asian, Iraqi and Iranian oil and even gas to Europe.”

However, the fly in the ointment of that plan has been Syria. President Assad has been an enormous thorn in the side of the globalists, and the Middle East’s regional powers, because he has refused to dance to any tune called by Washington.  Again, per zerohedge:

“Knowing Syria was a critical piece in its energy strategy, Turkey attempted to persuade Syrian President Bashar Assad to reform this Iranian pipeline and to work with the proposed Qatar-Turkey pipeline, which would ultimately satisfy Turkey and the Gulf Arab nations’ quest for dominance over gas supplies. But after Assad refused Turkey’s proposal, Turkey and its allies became the major architects of Syria’s “civil war.”

Yet after the total humiliation of John Kerry and President Obama, at the hands of Putin in the summer of 2013 (when their chemical false flag fell flat on its face), the efforts to oust President Assad hit a brickwall.  After 2 years (and billions of dollars) had been spent trying to make their dream of a pipeline through the region a reality, Turkey, DC, Tel-Aviv, the House of Saud, and Qatar began a much more urgent strategy: one involving more dangerous, more unpredictable proxies than the “Free Syrian Army” could possibly ever be…and that’s where ISIS came in.

Let me ask y’all a question, that cuts to the heart of everything we know about ISIS…

Washington’s Last Hope

Have any of you out there ever wondered as to why the US bombing of ISIS in Syria, for the last 13 months, has done little to actually stop or roll back that organization?

It’s a serious, problematic question.

By the way, if you answered,

“Watchman, it’s because ISIS is just too crafty, cunning, and powerful for any state to take down,”congratulations, you’ve officially just lost your privilege to speak.

Folks, ISIS is a 2nd-rate, rag-tag bunch of bandits, with zero navy, virtually zero air force, and zero anti-aircraft technology.  Any Western military force that truly wanted to stop them, could most easily do so.

So, how could this force literally pop outta nowhere (with hundreds of convoys of shiny, new toyota trucks)….in the desert….and waltz through every ancient city from Palmyra, to Ramadi in just a few months’ time?

I mean, let’s face it: DC’s astounding failure to stop ISIS is now the stuff of legend.  

Think about it, it seems the more “they do” to stop them….the more powerful ISIS grows! Just like magic!

So, why has DC (with the world’s most technologically advanced weapons of war) failed to stop it?

The reason DC never stopped ISIS, is the same reason they never stopped (and in fact, aided) Afghanistan opium farming:

Both of those things were prized assets that DC never wanted to stop it in the first place. That’s a fact.

For those who doubt this, in a recently revealed document, last May, the Pentagon admitted in a declassified document, that the US government was, at the very least, indirectly responsible for the rise of ISIS.

From the very get-go, it has been clearly stated that DC views ISIS as a wonderful, strategic asset in the region, because ISIS represents the last, best hopes of ousting Syrian President Assad.

That’s the truth.  So every time you read headlines about another part cultural treasure of Palmyra being destroyed by ISIS, or of vast numbers of Christians, Syrian soldiers, Yazidis, Zoroastrians….or basically just anyone with a head on their shoulders, losing those heads to men with knives….

Just picture President Obama assuring us all in warm tones, how collateral damage in war is absolutely necessary and expected…the very same words he spoke after needlessly, and insanely bombing the “Doctors Without Borders” Hospital, in Kunduz

This genocidal frolic of ISIS through the Syrian heartland, for the last 13 months had gone completely unchallenged.  Assad had been the only exception to that rule, and though his men were valiantly struggling against every threat from every side…they were slowly, inexorably losing that fight…

Assad Turns the Tables on ISIS

That all changed, in the last month, when Assad’s planes, armed with Russian weapons, began to pummel ISIS in their ‘safest’, ‘strongest’ fortress cities.

From the get-go, when I heard Russia was sending planes to an airbase in Syria, I wondered how long it would to take to see real results, and boy, Putin did not disappoint!

Within 48 hours of the word hitting the wire of Russian planes and technology in Syria, President Assad sent planes (armed with upgraded, Russian pinpoint bombing systems) straight to Raqqa, the de-facto capital of ISIS in Syria, itself!

With minutes, 8 targets were instantly pulverized, with a deadly precision that ISIS had never been recipients of before.

It was obvious why he’d chosen Raqqa as his first strike.  Assad’s regime had been on the ropes in the previous weeks.  His army had been hit with declining manpower, and ISIS and Al-Nusra had even been making some inroads into outer parts of Damascus.

The proxy-terrorist armies in Syria had thought that victory was all but assured.

Thusly, Assad’s strike on Raqqa was a psychological blow:it assured his enemies that not only was he still there, but that he was now able to bring the fight to them at any place in his country, at any time he chose, and with new, state-of-the-art technology.

Then, he sent out fighters (the same day) to bomb the ISIS thugs who’d spent the last 6 months blowing up priceless, irreplaceable ancient monuments in Palmyra.


Again, the blow was psychological: demonstrating how crimes against that ancient country’s cultural treasures were not going unpunished, and that their forces were in Assad’s crosshairs too.

The bombings at Palmyra were so devastating to ISIS, that within hours..the hospitals and ambulances were overflowing with more than 130 bodies of the dead and wounded that came streaming in.

However, the bad news for ISIS, was, wonderfully, just beginning…

Russia Takes a Wrecking Ball to ISIS

After Assad had put his enemies on notice: Russia took center stage.  Having been asked by the elected government there, to help give support against all the proxy armies of other meddlesome nations, Russia began its own, personal war against ISIS, and the results were….


From round-the-clock, bombings of every imaginable strategic asset of ISIS (munitions factories, underground bunkers, command centers, etc)…

To low-flying, strafing fire of armored, MI-24 helicopters (conducted at less than 30 feet off the ground)…

To even a naval bombardment of ISIS from the freaking Caspian Sea (a very unpleasant surprise for the Pentagon, believe me)…

Russia left no weapon (save nuclear) off the table, and has absolutely smashed ISIS’s capabilities…in just days.

The Russian Federation has achieved several very critical things here in such a short space of time.

Not only has it spared no opportunity to face-pound, manhandle, and annihilate ISIS…but, just as importantly, it has now put Western, bankster governments on notice as to its true military capabilities (and the will to use it)

Within just one week, Russia carried out 120 air strikes on military targets.  120 of them!

Care to take a guess as to how many airstrikes DC made in that same week in Syria?

A meager 38!

If you think that’s impressive though, you’ll be pleased to know that Russia made good on their promise to increase both the ferocity and frequency of their bombings, as over the weekend….they launched 60 more sorties….in just 24 hours.

In the first week, it is estimated that up to 40% of ISIS logistical infrastructure and capabilities have been utterly destroyed.

In one particular case, a large base in Raqqa, was made a direct target of Moscow’s bombers.  This base was a sore spot for Assad, because when his men, who’d fought tooth and nail to keep it, were finally ousted…

ISIS took every single soldier out, and beheaded them.

This same base was mercilessly pounded, over and over, by Russian fighters…until it was an ash heap, and the 200 ISIS fighters inside, died to the last man…

In just two strikes on two bases and munition posts…ISIS lost over 300 fighters.  Russia has achieved vastly more on the ground situation in 1 week, than DC achieved in well over a year.

The panic is now spreading up the chain of command in ISIS and ISIL.  Thousands of their fighters have already defected, thousands more have fled across the Iraqi and Turkish borders, while others are trying to blend in with local Syrian refugee camps!

Ladies, and gentlemen (and globalists), take note:

Russia don’t play!


The CIA-inspired ‘uprising’ in Homs, 4 years ago, has now come full circle, and it’s obvious to everyone paying attention, that the grand plan of the Saudis, Qataris, the Turks, and DC has been splattered all over the wall.

The real reason that (arguably) the world’s most advanced military could not dent ISIS, despite all their bluster and threats, is that US & UK leadership never wanted to defeat ISIS/ISIL in the first place.

Russia, however, does want to defeat ISIS, and not just for the sake of their ally Assad, but because (unlike DC) Russia does not want utter chaos to reign supreme across the Middle East.

He knows that if the Assad regime falls, the last best hope of civilization and safety in that region falls with it.

He knows that if ISIS is left unchecked, that most of the Middle East will become another huge Libya: a playground and gun-running route for every wicked organization that DC can throw money at.

He knows that many of ISIS’s soldiers are foreign, Chechen mercenaries, and that ISIS’s spread would cause untold border security spillover and terror issues for Russia-proper.

He knows that if the US finishes off the nationalist Syrian regime, then their runway to war with Iran (to make the world safe for globalism) is fully cleared.

But most importantly, he knows that ISIS is a US/UK bankster creation, and that he has a rare chance now to strike with fury, and even force DC to destroy its own pet terror group in the cradle of its infancy, before it can fully incubate into the type of threat DC had intended.

DC is beside itself, and Obama is visibly disturbed by it, and all the things it means.  Washington is being forced to watch(and take part in) the destruction of their prized creation, “les enfant terribles” of ISIS.

It’s magnificent to watch all those powerful schemes of evil men literally go up in smoke, isn’t it?

There’s a valuable lesson here, being learned by DC and their Toyota-truck-loving terrorist pets:

Terror just isn’t any fun….

When you’re on the receiving end!

Syria 4