‘Day of Resistance’: Thousands of gun law protesters rally across US

While you won’t hear it even mentioned on CNN, ABC, CBS, or even Fox News, the biggest story across the US this weekend was the ‘Day of Resistance’, as thousands of Americans gathered across the US on Saturday the 23rd (.223) to protest the Obama administration’s war on the 2nd amendment.

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Day of Resistance


Thousands of Second Amendment activists across the US took part in a Day of Resistance against President Obama’s gun control measures, calling his plans unconstitutional. Words are not all they’re prepared to use to protect their right to bear arms.

People gathered at dozens of cities and towns across the United States, crowds numbering from a hundred to a thousand people. They were carrying American flags and banners with words of harsh criticism against Obama’s proposed gun control regulations. “Come and take it!” “Dictators Want You Disarmed,” “Honk If You Want to Keep Your 2nd Amendment” and “Don’t tread on me” were among the most common slogans. Protesters believe owing a gun is a basic right of every American citizen.

“This isn’t a Democratic thing, or a Republican thing, or a Tea Party thing, this is an American thing. This is about the rights this nation was founded on,” Ryan Studabaker, rally organizer from Bluffton, Indiana, told Wane.com.
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