David Morgan: There Is Nothing More Powerful Than Truth

David tells Rory that everybody has incorrectly jumped to conclusions with the Oil for Gold Backed Chinese Yuan speculation running rampant in the alt-media. If the oil for gold story were true, it would mean World War 3, they say. Here’s what’s really going on with gold and silver…

David Morgan interviewed on The Daily Coin

David and Rory Hall start out the interview by acknowledging the terrible mass murder that just took place in Las Vegas.

They then shift focus to the “oil for gold-backed yuan” story. The two come the the conclusion that it is a story that has no sources and cannot be proven as legitimate, based on their communication with Koos Jansen and Louis Cammarosano.

In addition, they acknowledge the fact that Hugo Salinas Price says that were the story to prove true, that would mean the beginning of World War III

All that and more in this must-hear interview: