David Morgan: Silver to Make New Nominal High in 2013

Sprott Money has brought silver guru David Morgan in for the 2nd installment of Ask the Expert.
Morgan states he expects silver to end 2012 between $35 and $40 an ounce, and will make new all-time nominal highs in 2013, surpassing $50/oz.

“Is it [silver] going higher? Yes. Is the overhead supply worked off? Answer, not yet, but it will be. I think we’re going to see a higher price in probably the $35 to $40 by the end of this year. Then in 2013, I do expect nominal prices to go into new highs, meaning $50 as a nominal high. Inflation adjusted, you’d have to expect $135 silver to be a new high in real terms.”

 Full interview below:


Part 2