David Morgan Sees Momentum Building In Gold & Silver Towards A Good (But Not Great) 2018

David Morgan says he’s looking for a good 2018, but not a great year. Here’s the details…

David Morgan interviewed by Reluctant Preppers

Silver guru & founder of TheMorganReport.com, David Morgan, returns to ReluctantPreppers to weigh in on these important questions for 2018:

– Is the Gold & Silver Bull Market Intact?

– With analysts warning stocks are in melt-up mode & topping, and with the Fed tightening, the bond yield curve flattening, and the Fed promising to unload its balance sheet of mortgages: are we heading into a serious risk of recession & rotation out of stocks/ bonds/ real-estate into gold & silver?

– Platinum/Gold ratio upside down: opportunity or new historic baseline shift? – Electric Economy (EVs, Solar+Storage, etc): How will this mega-trend move: Copper, Zinc, Lithium, Cobalt, Rare Earth Metals?

– Silver and Blockchain Marriage: A Reality Yet?