David Morgan: There Has Been A Fundamental Stocks Down, Metals Up Shift In The Markets

David says there has been a fundamental change in the stock market, and this will have implications for gold & silver. Here’s the details…

David Morgan interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Weary of stagnant metals and ready for the pending wealth transfer?

Silver and gold guru David Morgan returns to Reluctant Preppers to report that he sees a significant change in equity markets, bond markets, and coming this year in precious metals..

Morgan underscores the unique characteristics of physical precious metals as a perpetual hedge against loss in the equity markets, and lays out a timeless strategy to thrive despite changing markets by perpetually rebalancing your portfolio!

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Next, Morgan tackles Cryptocurrencies- and the the road ahead including prospects for merger of cryptos and silver?

Finally, we get an update on the promise of reclaiming gold from e-waste in an environmentally friendly way.. progress report and next steps for Enviroleach!