$1600 Gold & $26 Silver…BY SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2019!

Can the rally continue? This analyst thinks it can, and he’s sticking to his Labor Day price targets…

David Hunter inverviewed on Palisade Radio

David is sticking to his target of $1550-$1600 for gold, which he predicts will be reached around Labor Day. For silver, he feels that $26 is still a definite possibility. He says, “When people become more interested in gold silver will head higher. Silver usually underperforms on the downward moves in gold and outperforms when gold rallies.” He feels that the markets are heading for another unwinding event similar to 2008, and that is likely to occur early next year.

TimeStamp References:
0:40 – Outlook for gold and silver.
2:50 – Confirmation bias and mistakes investors make.
5:00 – Understanding market sentiment.
6:30 – Contrarian view on oil markets
11:00 – Books that shaped Davids viewpoints.