Dave Kranzler: Smart Money In Gold Foresaw Repo Market Crisis As Early As June 2019

The Fed is desperate to prevent the economy from collapsing. Was the 2019 repo market crisis a “Lehman moment”?

Dave Kranzler interviewed by Patrick V on SBTV

SBTV had a fascinating chat with Dave Kranzler, fund manager and publisher of Investment Research Dynamics, about gold’s new bull market run. Dave also posited that the movement of the gold price in 2019 suggested that smart money in the gold market anticipated the problems in the repo market and bought gold, driving prices above multi-year resistances.

Discussed in this interview:
03:43 Why banks are not lending out excess reserves?
06:45 Federal Reserve walking razor’s edge in managing interest rates
10:16 Was the 2019 repo market crisis a ‘Lehman moment’?
13:33 Fed desperate to prevent the economy from collapsing
15:03 Situation with student loan debt and auto loan debt
17:18 Gold in 2020
23:17 Deciding between gold bullion and gold stocks
25:59 How gold stocks are affect when the Everything Bubble bursts