Dave Hodges – We Could Go into Decades Long Guerrilla Type Warfare

warWith helicopters flying over my home, explosions in the middle of the night in Michigan and howitzers moving down the highway in Mississippi it seemed like the time to speak with Dave Hodges to find out what is happening with JADE Helm 15.
Just what exactly are the police and military preparing for?


by Rory, The Daily Coin

Mr. Hodges has been digging deep on all aspects of JADE Helm 15 and I felt it was important to get Dave’s take on a couple of points that have come to light since we last spoke.

JADE Helm has captured the imagination of a great many people, not necessarily because of what we know, but because of what we don’t know. We have reports from the military that report the “exercise” as only involving 1,200 troops. But then we learn there were 4,000 troops conducting an exercise in Colorado. We also learned, from the military, that Louisiana is conducting JADE Helm exercises and are not listed in the official map of the states to be included. So, we are not sure what to believe and when people are left to their own devices we can begin to speculate what might or might not happen.

What about the Realistic Military Training conducted in Florida in mid March? This was also considered a JADE Helm exercise.

We have plenty of issues on the table. Our economy is going belly-up. Not just here in the U.S., but globally. We have economic numbers that are reported by official government sources that no one believes and some of the smartest people in the room, like David Stockman, have made a career painting a realistic picture of our economy. The unemployment numbers are straight out of fantasy land; we have had more than 45 million people on food stamps for more close to four years; we have more not working than have full time employment. Recently, we learned of the depths of fascism and tyranny that is Obamacare.

The ever encroaching police state is so far out of control at this point that we are learning, on a daily basis, of their murderous actions. If you don’t think so simply click here, here and here. This is merely three incidents as reported by The Daily Coin on June 10 and 11. For a great deal more simply google “police and the current date” and see what you get. Or better still go to Twitter and look up MYNYPD and you see what the people of New York report every hour of every day.

For what are the police and military preparing? Are you preparing for a disaster, natural or man-made? The government seems to be spending a tremendous amount of resources on preparation for something and it would be wise for all us to be preparing for some large scale change as well.

Economic collapse? Cashless society? Confiscation of 401k/IRA? Invasion from a foreign nation or the CIA, I mean ISIS? Why does the Department of Homeland (Nazi term) Security have a need for more than 1 BILLION rounds of hollow point ammunition? What about 2,000 bullet proof check points?

Well, I’m not sure why any of this is necessary unless someone is planning on going to war with the American citizens. If you have a better answer please let it in the comments section below. While your thinking about it, please listen to Dave Hodges connect some of the dots and if you stick around until the end you will be privileged enough to hear one of the best solutions to our current dilemma.

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