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Worldwide, we have $17 trillion of negative-yielding debt, with G20 nations continuing to harmonize policies between themselves…

from Palisade Radio with Frank Holmes

Frank expects governments around the world to continuing issuing negative interest rate bonds. Worldwide we have now reached 17 trillion dollars of negative-yielding debt. Countries like Denmark are paying their citizens to take out a mortgage. G20 countries are acting as a cartel to synchronize taxation, regulations and to harmonize policies between them. These regulations are stifling business and reducing the effectiveness of monetary policy.

Frank takes the approach of being in front of the herd, finding that competitive advantage. He says, “It’s useful being a contrarian when there is extreme emotional sentiment either positive or negative.”

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Outlook for bonds and the G20.
3:10 – Gold discoveries and jurisdictions.
6:50 – Franks get in front of the herd strategy.
10:40 – Favorite mentor and author.
13:30 – How to outperform in this market.