Cypriot Bailout Vote Delayed Again, Bank Holiday Extended Through Friday!

bank-holidayYesterday the scheduled Parliament vote on the Cyprus bank bailout was delayed till 4pm Monday as the banksters were short 33% of the necessary votes to pass the wealth confiscation tax/theft. 
Overnight, the ECB/IMF banksters rushed to change the tax to hit foreigners with a higher tax relative to native Cypriots (with the highest tax rate now reportedly OVER 15%!).
Apparently that was not enough to twist the arms of enough of the Cypriot Parliament, as today’s bailout vote has just been delayed until 4pm Tuesday, and the bank holiday extended through Friday!   The bailout vote reportedly is facing such a lack of support that the vote may be delayed further until Friday!


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As we suggested yesterday, The NY Times reports that the Cypriot Parliament is still well short of the required 28 votes to pass:

As anger in this country swelled against the measure, Mr. Anastasiades delayed an emergency vote parliamentary vote on the bailout plan until Tuesday, the second step in as many days. Faced with a lack of support from lawmakers, the vote could be delayed until as late as Friday.


The bank run has now been extended till Friday:

The government also said it would keep Cypriot banks shuttered until at least Friday, well beyond a bank holiday that was supposed to end Monday, a move aimed at staving off a possible bank run.


Meanwhile the bank run across the southern Eurozone has begun.  When the Cypriot banks finally do re-open, exactly how much foreign/ Russian funds does the ECB/IMF expect to remain in the Cypriot banking system?