Cyber War Against Alternative Media Underway? Cyber Attacks Spread to KWN

KWN malwareCyber malware attacks targeting alternative news sites such as SGTReport and BeforeItsNews have spread to KWN today, with multiple reports that visiting the KWN website has resulted in the user’s system immediately receiving a trojan virus resulting in Blue Screen of Death.

It appears that sites linking into KWN are also being targeted/ black flagged by search engines.  We encourage our readers to avoid visiting KWN or linking their site until their systems have been restored. 

Has Obama’s new Cyber security team been getting to work shutting down the alternative media?

SD reader X, who states he is an IT professional reports that the malware attack is very real:


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Before leaving work this morning.
At 5:45 AM MST – googled King World news – saw the warning.
Then used Yahoo, – no warning
Used IE to open KWN as usual
Within seconds, had a re-direct video downloaded then the Blue Screen of Death on Windows 7 Enterprise running the latest version of Microsoft Defender and Malware Bytes that had a full scan last Saturday.
This automatically restarts the computer.
Can log in – choose profile, supply password – immediate BSOD and reboot
Log in a Safe Mode with networking
Got the lastest download from Malware Bytes – ran quick scan
Identified a Trogan – removed and rebooted as requested.
Had to leave for work. Won’t be able to check until later.

I am a IT person. My last full backup to external drives were last Sunday night.
This has never happened to me before.
It is very real.


KWN malware

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