CRYPTO Will Get People Thinking About Money AND THEN They Will Learn About GOLD & SILVER

Doug Casey says the cryptocurrency bubble is getting people to wonder about the nature of money, and then they will end up at gold & silver. Here’s why…

Doug Casey on the Financial Repression Authority

Doug Casey, a self described “Philosophical Anarchist”, starts off by discussing his newest book Drug Lord.

As part of the discussion, the interview looks at the War on Drugs, the government’s role or not in regulating drugs, and the free market option for drugs

The conversation then moves on to Catalonia, which Doug is a strongly supportive of. In fact, Doug says the world should be filled with 7 billion nation states. He then goes on to explain why the independence movement in Catalonia is a good thing.

The conversation then shifts to the growing global economic crisis in underway. Doug talks about the current economic conditions being in the eye of the hurricane.

Finally, Doug discusses the recent trends in Bitcoin, as well as discussing why the cryptocurrencies are in a bubble. Doug says that eventually, the thining will shift into “what is money”, and this will ultimately lead people into gold and silver.

All that and more in this timely interview:


Hi, welcome to FRA’s Roundtable Insight .. Today we have Doug Casey. He’s an American writer, philosopher, investor, and the founder and chairman of Casey Research. He literally wrote the book on profiting from periods of economic turmoil, his book Crisis Investing spent multiple weeks as number one on the New York Times bestseller list and became the best selling financial book of 1980 with over 400,000 copies sold. He’s lived in 10 countries and has visited over 175, today you’re most likely to find him in La Estancia de Cafayate (Casey’s Gulch), an oasis tucked away in the high red mountains outside Salta, Argentina. And recently he’s been writing a series of fiction books as part of a series High Ground Novel Series. The one that is most recent I guess is Drug Lordand just wondering if you’d like to start on that to give us some idea what that book is about, what the meaning and message you’re intending to convey? Welcome, Doug.