Craig Hemke: Gold Should Break-Out Above $1400 By The End Of This Summer

Craig provides a timely update on the COT Report as well as what to look in gold & silver moving through this summer. Here’s the details…

Craig Hemke interviewed on Silver Bullion TV

Craig Hemke (a.k.a Turd Ferguson) of TF Metals Report joins us on SBTV to demystify the Commitments of Traders (COT) reports and share with us how he sees price manipulation in the gold and silver markets. To find more of Craig’s work, visit

Discussed in this interview:

– Genesis of TF Metals Report
– COT report for the layman

– COT data can be a predictor of future trend
– Scope of the COT report
– Monitoring the open interest
– Legacy report: The one to look at
– How price manipulation works
– Gold – a reflection of confidence on the dollar
– Prices determined by derivative trading
– Gold/silver prices if there were no manipulation
– Can price manipulation be curbed?
– Outlook for gold & silver in 2018