Craig Hemke: Basics Of The COT Report, Simplified For Gold & Silver Investors

How can gold and silver investors can use the COT Report meaningfully? Craig explains…

by Patrick V. with Craig Hemke via SBTV

SBTV enlisted the help of Craig Hemke, publisher of the popular, to explain the basics of the oft-mentioned Commitment of Traders report (COT report) and how gold and silver investors can use it meaningfully.

This interview was recorded a week before Christmas 2019.

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Discussed in this interview:
01:43 Overview of Commitment of Traders report
05:15 Focus on the legacy report of the COT
11:16 Long, Short and Spreading
18:08 High leverage between paper gold and physical
24:49 Obscure nature of Exhcange For Physicals
29:35 Situation with the Fed’s actions in the repo market
35:14 Crisis in 2020?
39:16 The CFTC is corrupt