Worth How Much? FIFA World Cup Trophy Is Beautiful Plus It’s Made With Lots Of 18K Gold

Some trophies are worth a lot of fiat currency, but the FIFA World Cup trophy is on an entirely different level. Here’s the details…

So the 2018 FIFA World Cup gets underway in Russia this week.

Team U.S.A will not be competing, having been eliminated by Trinidad & Tobago last October.

Granted, that’s probably a good thing, you know, with all the Russian spying, hacking, collusion, and all the other evil things that Russia does that forces our Treasury Department to levy sanctions on Russia so much so that we can’t even keep up.

Oh wait, we can keep up.

The latest sanctions on Russia took place just yesterday.

But I digress.

Back on track.

This is an article about gold, not geo-politics.

The main prize in the FIFA World Cup, other than having the best national soccer team for four years, is this gold trophy:

Here’s a list of the 32 teams that made the cut and will be battling for the prize this year:

What is cool about the trophy is that it’s the real deal.

It’s not like those Olympic gold medals that are mostly silver with some gold plating.


We’re talking gold here, and lots of it.

Granted, we’re talking about one trophy that makes the rounds, so it’s not like there are a ton of them made (kind of like how there’s just one Stanley Cup).

Regardless, here’s the specs from Reuters (calculated using June 12, 2018 data):

The World Cup trophy

As it’s unlikely that the entire 6kg trophy is solid gold and the malachite stone will also add to the heft of the prize, we’ve assumed a composition of 5kg or 160.75 troy ounces of solid 18 carat (75 percent) gold.

At recent prices, that equates to approximately US$158,500.

Compare that to the $16,000 which was the melt value at the beginning of 1974, the year this trophy was designed — an increase in value of almost 900 percent.

Notice the little inflation statistic thrown in there too.

If you haven’t already, check out my article about today’s 8:23 a.m. smash that was related to Inflation’s ugly sister named Stagflation.

Reuters even includes this handy info-graphic for those of us who like charts:


Now, please humor me as I go off on a tangent that is related to this topic.

In fact, it is related to all topics.

If you are new to gold and silver, know that there is an anti-gold propaganda campaign that flows from the mainstream media.

The anti-gold propaganda is ever-present, it is active, and it is both direct and indirect.

The unspoken rule, which at times is spoken directly to those who step out of line with the words ‘you’re fired’, is that the mainstream media can never, under any circumstances, say anything good about gold.


Same goes for silver.

For example, an article from Investopedia a couple of months back is titled “The most expensive sports trophies

You’d think the FIFA trophy would be right on up there with the most expensive.

We are talking about six digits to the left of the decimal point after all.

But no.


Just skipped over, as if the FIFA trophy doesn’t even exist.

Stinking barbarous relics.

And then there’s this one that really takes the cake.

A USA Today article calls the FIFA World Cup trophy “the worst trophy in sports”.


The article goes on to discuss seven different reasons why it is the worst trophy in all of sports.

I’ll spare you the arguments and I’ll just list the claims.

If you must really have the arguments, or if you find yourself unable to sleep tonight and in need a hefty dose of something boring to read, then by all means, give it a read.

According to the USA Today article, the FIFA trophy is the worst in all of sports because (exact words in exact numbered order):

  1. It’s ugly
  2. It’s small
  3. The name is boring
  4. It has no tradition
  5. Past achievements aren’t reckognized
  6. The winner’s replicas are inferior
  7. It’s not even a cup


They might as well just use a pet rock as the trophy.

Now to me, I’ve never seen or held gold that I didn’t think was both beautiful and valuable.

But I guess I’m biased.

My point is to get you understand there is an active mainstream media campaign against gold (and silver).

Articles like that are just your everyday, run-of-the-mill MSM anti-gold propaganda.

However, soccer fans all over the world approve of the FIFA World Cup.

Argentine soccer fans give it a thumbs up:

But then again, Argentina is in the midst of a fiat currency crisis.

So if they do go all the way in Russia this year, let’s hope they don’t melt it down and sell if for scrap.

But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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