While it’s true that the entire financial system is rigged today, some markets are manipulated more than others.  This is certainly true for the precious metals… particularly SILVER.
This metal is the whipping boy of the Fed and Cartel Bullion Banks.  Most would believe it’s impossible to manipulate a metal for decades… it isn’t.
If we look at the two charts below, we can see just how much more of a beating silver has taken compared to copper over the past 3 years:

From the SRSRocco Report:

copper girl

Especially, when the overwhelming majority of the public’s funds have been funneled away from commodities or physical assets and siphoned into the biggest Ponzi Scheme in history.  You see, the manipulation isn’t just HAMMERING the paper price of silver during the slimmest trading periods of the day… that’s just a small part of it.

The largest area of manipulation is in the WHOLESALE PACKAGING OF LIES* by the Fed,  Cartel Banks and MSM stating that paper assets such as 401k’s, Retirement-Insurance Funds, Stocks, U.S. Treasuries are wealth, when in fact they are huge liabilities. (* term coined by James Howard Kunstler).

If the public realized they had invested in the biggest ponzi scheme in history, there would be a stampede out of paper assets and into anything tangible.  This would create a SHOCK-WAVE around the world as fiat currencies would implode and the value of commodities and physical assets would skyrocket.

Getting back to the metals, if we look at the two charts below, we can see just how much more of a beating silver has taken compared to copper:

Copper Chart

Silver Chart

Copper hit a peak of around $3.90 in March 2012, a decline into the summer months and then another peak in October getting ready for the Fed’s QE3.  However, After the majority of QE3 monetary liquidity was siphoned into that BLACK HOLE of the Wall Street Stock & Bond Markets via the Fed’s most favorite Banks, copper missed all the fun as it was hit hard, declining 22% to a low of $3.04 today.

Poor Copper….

Well, if you think copper was hit hard, let’s look at silver.  Silver went from an average high of $35.50 in March 2012 to a staggering low of $17.50 today. 

A whopping 51% DECLINE….

If you thought the primary miners were losing money at $19-$20… how bad is the hemorrhaging at $17?

As you can imagine, I get a handful of readers who send me emails stating that silver is a garbage metal and it’s only worth a lousy $10 bucks because that is the average CASH COST of the primary silver miners.  If I had a Silver Dollar for every time I came across that nonsense…. I could retire.

The world has been BAMBOOZLED to believe in a FAIRY TALE, a DELUSION, and a PONZI SCHEME that will all end badly.  The real value is found by holding investments that store wealth.  Paper assets today are mostly future liabilities with a BIG SUCKER stamped across each one.

For the price of silver to fall 51% compared to copper’s 22%… SOMETHING FISHY THIS WAY BLOWS.

Why?  Because silver suffered a 103 million oz structural deficit last year, while Copper still had plenty of warehouse stocks in reserve.  So, the world continues to consumes its remaining cheap above ground silver stocks as if there was no tomorrow.

At some point, the LIGHT will go off and the world will wake up to the fact that GOLD & SILVER are stores of value and not stupid pieces of metal regurgitated by the NITWITS on the financial media.

Unfortunately, there won’t be much silver to go around at this point…. and there LIES THE RUB.

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