Coming Public Mania in Gold and Silver Will Be Breathtaking

big resetWhen WalMart starts selling gold and silver like a corner LCS pawn shop, you’ll know the end is nigh.


A few thoughts on the podcast and last week’s action. 

Druckenmiller, one of the most successful hedge fund operators, bought $300,000,000 in 2.9 million shares of GLD in mid 2015.  What does he know?  Can he force gold into his vault with these shares.  If there is gold he most certainly can.  The gold price was higher than now but hedge fund operators don’t try to call the tops and bottoms. They work to get in at a good price and let the market reward them.   The first out get the best deal. The first in get the best deal.

Are you walking in or out?

When the SHTF, it Depends on whether you stocked toilet paper or FIAT paper.  Are you a hard ass about hard assets?  Diversification is going to be a key, as this hard head is finding out in today’s market.

Druckenmiller heard the siren call.   Billionaires are equally prey to the emotionalism of buying and selling. The difference is that some billionaires put their emotions on hold, use logic and reason when getting into any markets.

‘Attention KMart shoppers, for the next 10 minutes we’re offering gold at a 5% discount in our bullion department’

The  Druck Truck backed up and filled up.

@Flying Wombat.  When we see lines around the block it’ll be us lining up to get our cash out of crashing;  closing banks.  I’ve been in the 1980 bullion lines when silver was spiking to $40 and up.

When WalMart has their black ‘gold’ Friday sale, we better be in line at 2 AM. It’ll be on Monday, or maybe Tuesday, right after a 3 day weekend. And when WalMart starts selling gold and silver like a corner LCS pawn shop, the end is nigh. Walmart is already acting like a bank and payday loan store so selling precious metals seems like a reasonable marketing ploy   Maybe these products will be Hecho En Estado Unidos.

Hey, I’m a buyer.

Gringo Gold.  Organic Buffaloes. Plata Mi Cheby

WalMart layaway plan?

I’ll gladly pay you tomorrow for more Oro dia de Hoy—OH!

Don’t get  skimpy, be a Wimpy!

We’ll be in the WalMart line buying silver and gold when the other 95% are hoping they can get their money out of a failed bank.

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