CME Slashes Gold, Silver Margins 10, 14%

CME gold silver marginsAlthough Open Interest remains high in silver, the CME must need a new flock of investors to fleece in paper metals, as the CME announced after Thursday’s market close a major reduction in gold and silver margins effective after the close Tuesday Feb 12th.

The CME cut gold initial and maintenance margins from $6,600 & $6,000 to $5,940 & $5,400 respectively, and also slashed silver initial & maintenance margins from $12,100 & $11,000 to $10,400 & $9,500, a reduction of 10% in gold & 14% in silver!

For those new to the market who might be wondering why silver margins have been $12,100 while golds have been $6,600 (particularly when a single gold contract is valued at ~ $165,000, while a single silver contract is valued at ~$158,000)….


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Silver margins are double those of gold
because the cartel had to break the back of silver’s explosive short-squeeze rally in April 2011 with 5 consecutive margin hikes in less than 1 week to prevent silver from taking out the all-time nominal high of $50.35, and exploding to the upside & out of cartel’s ability to cap & control the market.

With silver now in the low $30’s and sentiment only slightly off historic lows, the CME Group appears to believe they have some room to breath by enticing a few more paper traders back in to the COMEX futures pits.


From the CME:

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Thursday, February 07, 2013
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CME gold silver margins

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