China Gold Bond Possibilities | Alasdair Macleod

There is a quiet revolution taking place in the monetary vacuum that’s developing on the back of the erosion of the dollar’s hegemony. It is perhaps too early to call what’s happening to the dollar the beginning of its demise as the world’s reserve currency, but there is certainly a move away from it in Asia. And every time the Americans deploy their control over global trade settlement as a weapon against the regimes they dislike, nations who are neutral observers take note and consider how to protect themselves, “Just in Case.” 

-Alasdair Macleod

Hello and welcome to this week’s Silver Doctors Metals and Markets Wrap. I am your host James Anderson of SD Bullion filling in for our regular host Elijah Johnson.

This interview was recorded at 12:00 PM noon eastern time, on Friday June 8, 2018.

Today’s returning guest is Alasdair Macleod of GoldMoney Research. Alasdair’s financial experience ranges from equity and bond markets, fund management, corporate finance and investment strategy.

Thanks for taking the time to hear Alasdair inform us on what his research and findings are especially related to the ongoing eastern Gold Bullion acquisition strategy and structural Monetary Reforms to come.

Alasdair’s latest article on a possible Chinese Gold Bond plan can be read here in full.


That’s where we are now. Western elites cannot but worry when central banks in China, Russia, India and Turkey actively increase their physical gold stash; when Moscow and Beijing discuss launching a gold-backed currency system to replace the US dollar; when the IMF warns that the debt burden of the global economy has reached $237 trillion; when the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) warns that, on top of that there is also an ungraspable $750 trillion in additional debt outstanding in derivatives. 





What do you think John Exter would say about all this ?

Perhaps… “in the long run, governments are powerless to determine what money is. They have made their paper “IOU nothing” legal tender; prohibit people from using gold as an alternative; threaten to demonetize it, phase it out of the system; sell off their stocks in the marketplace to frighten us out of gold and back into paper; they even invented a new monetary unit, the SDR, or special drawing right, as an international currency. Like the “IOU nothings” the SDR isn’t a promise to pay anything, merely an arbitrary unit of account. Moreover, the SDR has neither an obligor nor a maturity date, so John Exter referred to the IMF SDR as aWho-owes-you-nothing-when?”




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