Chase Banking Customers Reporting $0 Balances on Online Accounts!

jp morgan chaseMultiple reports from numerous sources tonight (including multiple emails from panicked readers) indicate that online bank balances are showing $0 for all accounts.

Perhaps the ECB worked out a deal with JPMorgan to allow Chase banking customers to participate in the Cypriot depositor haircuts?

All joking aside, this doesn’t instill extra confidence in the banking system in the wake of the historic Cyprus wealth confiscation.

One of the more colorful emails received by SD:

Any you guys have a Chase account? My neighbor just came over screaming, 3 of his accounts have ZERO BALANCE I have 2 and it to has $0 with a message saying check back later. Is Chase trying to pull a Cyprus Bank Holiday??? Computer glitch? Anonymous hack job? GET ALL YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANKING SYSTEM NOW AND BUY SILVER BEFORE IT’S LIKE BASSPRO OUTLET…NO BULLETS TO BE FOUND. GAME OVER! I know, YOU ALL THINK…I’m freaking nuts Looney toons! It’s probably a little glitch….or DRY RUN!!!
If you don’t hold it…YOU DON’T OWN IT! All your money (and 401’s IRA’s any paper financial instrument) is nothing but a 1 and zero in some computer program…call The Island of Cyprus…ask them how they feel as you read this. WAKE UP AMERICA….16TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT??????????? Warned ya!!

As CBS news officially reports:

Chase Bank appeared to be having technical difficulties Monday night when customers logged into their accounts and saw their balance at $0 or were unable to get any access to them at all.
A spokesman for the bank said that the issue was strictly an internal technical issue and customers’ accounts were not in danger.
“The problems are an issue with the checking account portion of, nothing to do with mortgage or credit banking. We have a technology problem regarding customers balance information that we are working to resolve,” the spokesman to CBS News. “It has nothing to do with cyber threats or hacks. It is an internal issue. We are very sorry to our customers for the inconvenience.”
The company also tweeted from @ChaseSupport: “We’re looking into reported trans. issues & working to correct an internal issue to show customer balances. We’ll keep you updated.”