20 Year Intra-Day Gold & Silver Charts Reveal The (PM) Fix is In!

Chart of the DayCartel manipulation of the gold & silver markets has become so blatant that even Bloomberg is now openly admitting that the West is being drained of physical gold thanks to blatant market rigging.
As the 20 year gold & silver intra-day average Bloomberg charts below clearly demonstrate, The (PM) fix is in:

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Gold on average over 20 years, down slight into the AM London fix, and massively smashed into the PM London fix:

Chart of the Day

Silver on average over 15 years, smashed into the AM London fix:

As the regulators are not likely to do anything regarding blatant evidence that precious metals prices are manipulated by collusion by the cartel banks involved in the London price fix, based on the charts above one might want to consider timing their silver and gold purchases to coincide with the AM and PM London fixes respectively.

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