Charles Nenner: EXTREME Social Unrest in the USA – PUT YOUR MONEY IN GOLD

The 60 year cycle has converged. The streets of America are barely heating up. Financial and geo-political expert Charles Nenner talks about civil society getting extreme and the need to protect your wealth now!

Charles Nenner interviewed by Greg Hunter

Charles Nenner is not only an expert, he has been through it and can break it down about better than anybody:

Nenner’s biggest problem area is extreme social unrest in the U.S. Nenner explains, “I just saw on television there was a peaceful right wing march, and I saw all the left wing people coming in with black clothes and with bottles and beating them up. This is exactly the 60 year cycle in social unrest.

Deflation, Depression, Inflation, Hyper-inflation, Extreme Social Unrest, Economic Collapse:

ANY scenario means one thing:

“Where are you going to put your money? You put it in gold.”

We would say put it in silver too…

See the full interview right here:


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