Central Bank Gold Demand SURGES In First Quarter 2019, China & Russia Lead

After a record setting year in 2018, central banks around the world have continued their gold buying frenzy in 2019. Here are the details…

Here we go again.

With 2019 fast approaching the half-way mark, central banks around the world are continuing with their gold buying frenzy.

Of course, when sanctions turn into threats of a “full and complete” embargo:

That’s way more than just cutting off sanctioned people, businesses, organizations and governments from the SWIFT system.

Now we’re talking about threats of a naval blockade – nothing in, nothing out.

And that makes the move away from the US dollar all the more important.

More on the central bank gold fever, from Financial Times:

The central banks of Russia and China helped drive a 7 per cent increase in global gold demand in the first quarter from a year earlier, according to the World Gold Council, as they continued efforts to trim their exposure to US dollars.


Russia was the biggest buyer during the period, adding 55.3 tonnes of the yellow metal to tilt the composition of its reserves away from the US dollar, amid rising tensions with Washington and the prospect of further sanctions. China added 33 tonnes to its holdings and Ecuador bought gold for the first time since 2014, said the WG.

Why is this significant?

Because in 2018, central banks bought more gold on an annual basis than they had bought in the last fifty years.

And the pace is increasing over that record setting year.

All the while the dollar price of gold is down.

In spite of a gold buying frenzy.

Price is artificially too low.

That can’t last long.

Or much longer.

Market forces.

In the end.

Will win.




Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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