Cashless Chaos: 50-70% Are Poor Who Can’t Spell Their Names And The Fees Will Kill Them

Jayant Bhandari has an update on the War on Cash and the devastating toll it is taking in real-time in India…

Jayant Bhandari interviewed on Wall St For Main St

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed first time guest, resource stock investor, Jayant Bhandari Jayant is constantly traveling the world to look for investment opportunities, particularly in the natural resource sector and he writes articles about culture, economics, investing and junior mining. He is a follower of the Austrian School of Economics and he runs a yearly seminar in Vancouver titled: Capitalism & Morality.

During this 40+ minute interview, Jason starts off the interview by asking Jayant his opinion on emerging markets since he travels often to emerging market countries including India. Jayant thinks that besides China, emerging markets are extremely corrupt, extremely inefficient 3rd world countries that are in huge trouble.

Jason also asks Jayant about more Indian bank bailouts, India’s demonetization scheme, corruption in India, socialism in India starting with Gandhi and about India’s new attempt to transition to a faster digital economy with Aandar.

Jason then asks Jayant whether he thinks China or India is in better shape long term?

Jason also asks Jayant about his travels to Japan. Jayant has a contrarian view on Japan and he thinks Japan is in much better shape long term than most people in the financial industry.

To wrap up the interview, Jason asks Jayant about whether Bitcoin and other crypto currency have taken away a lot of capital from junior miners and explorers in Vancouver and how Jayant has made some profitable stock trades of 60% in only 6 months?