Can A Bitcoin USB Hardware Wallet Do This? 1000-Year Old Gold Coins Buried In Israel Discovered

Spoiler alert: NO!

(by Half Dollar) A discovery has been made in Central Israel.

From Reuters ( bold added for emphasis and commentary):

CENTRAL ISRAEL (Reuters) – Israeli youths have unearthed hundreds of gold coins stashed away in a clay vessel for more than a thousand years.

The treasure was discovered on Aug. 18, the Israel Antiquities Authority said on Monday, by teenagers volunteering at an excavation in central Israel where a new neighbourhood is planned to be built.

“The person who buried this treasure 1,100 years ago must have expected to retrieve it and even secured the vessel with a nail so that it would not move. We can only guess what prevented him from returning to collect this treasure,” said excavation director Liat Nadav-Ziv.

That is incredible when you think about it in those simple terms.

Indeed, melt those suckers down and what do you have?


With practically zero loss!

Now, obviously the historical value makes the coins worth way more than just melt value, but the point is the same.

Gold is timeless, and a gold coin is a gold coin, the world around.

Moreover, one ounce of triple-nine fine gold is one ounce of triple-nine fine gold, all day, everyday.

In other words, gold is money, and gold has been bid, gold is bid, and gold will remain bid, even more so now than before as we enter the final death throes of the current world reserve currency.

What applies to gold applies to silver.

And, in reality, one could argue that even to the poor, the same applies to copper and other base metals:


Think metal has no value?

There’s a reason why bums collect aluminum cans, you know.

But I digress.

What is one Bitcoin, and, more specifically, what can we say about the person who buys Bitcoin because they think it’s “digital gold”?

Well, one Bitcoin is undefined beyond calling it advanced math that requires major computational power to be conducted, and the person who buys Bitcoin because they think it is digital gold is mentally deficient in understanding math, money and/or technology.

Some final food for thought, in the form of two questions: