The BRICS Candidate: Why A Trump Presidency Might Be the Greatest Thing EVER For Gold

TrumpA Trump presidency might be the greatest thing gold and silver investors could ever hope for…


Submitted by Evolution Consulting:

For those that have been following along with some of Evolution Consulting’s publically shared research, you will know that we have spoken openly about the following three research concepts:


  1. Trump as the “preferred candidate” as it relates to the BRICS Nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), as well as over a hundred other partner nations vis a vis the AIIB (Asian International Infrastructure Bank).


  1. Trump as a candidate that may very well be receiving some or perhaps even a vast majority of his campaign funding from interested parties in the Far East as well as Russia.


  1. A candidate who should he win, will enact some of the most dramatic economic policy change in the modern history of the United States.



With those three core concepts in mind, we can explore a bit of the “why a Trump presidency might be the greatest thing gold and silver investors could ever hope for in terms of the oval office”.


Firstly, from as early as December of 2015, Evolution Consulting has gone on the record openly stating that there is a very high probability that Trump is as we mentioned, a “BRICS nations chosen candidate”. In fact, we mentioned that based upon Evolution 4.0 data mining / analysis, that there was a well above average chance that Trump was receiving a large portion of his campaign funding from “interested parties” in the far east as well as Russia.  Of course, several months later, the question of Trumps “campaign donations” were raised by the Clinton campaign, and the origins thereof.

We consider this fairly significant evidence that yes, the reality of the situation is that as forecasted, there is still (now more so than ever) a very good chance that the BRICS nations have a vested interest in Trump winning the presidency. Politics aside however, we must ask ourselves as metals investors “what does that mean for us”? The answer that we have come up with from hours upon hours of Evolution 4.0 systemic research is as such: “Very good news”.


Despite what some may say in terms of a Trump presidency being the worst thing to happen to US domestic capital markets since the dawn of time, Evolution 4.0 information indicates that quite the contrary to be true: As a matter of fact, one of the most important linguistic discoveries that we have made recently is effectively the one thing that metals investors in the United States (and likely around the world) have been waiting for: The notion of returning the US dollar to a gold backed standard.

Keeping in mind the gravity of that statement, we will once again say: Yes, Evolution 4.0, a system that has proven to be dangerously accurate in financial linguistics forecasting, indicates that there is a very real possibility that Trump will at the very least suggest the return to the “gold standard” in the united states.

Weather or not he actually does so is less relevant than the effect that will have on the metals investing / metals investor paradigm. In fact, based upon our analysis, there is a very good chance that at least conceptually, the idea of a metals / hard asset backed dollar will be something spoken of during the upcoming general debate cycle. The question we must ask ourselves as metals investors is simply: Why?


Firstly, we must consider the “speculative effect” that such a statement on a public platform will generate (especially a presidential debate). At Evolution Consulting, we have been (since 2014), encouraging a technique we simply call: “Convert paper, into more paper, then into metals” as it relates to using domestic equity markets to create revenue for metals investing. In other words, using conventionally negative market effects such as metals manipulation and inflation to generate additional paper wealth in which to then purchase physical supplies of gold and silver. This approach has proven to be very effective and certainly not “theory”.

However, as it pertains to the spot pricing of metals, Evolution 4.0 has been unable to exactly forecast how much of a “spot price” jump would result from the suggestion of returning the united states to a gold backed currency system, though “significant” is the word we are going to use. Once again, weather or not that materializes in actual economic policy or not is less relevant than the speculative effect that it would have on spot price. As we so often suggest, metals ETF’s (particularly leveraged ones such as JNUG, NUGT, USLV and others) are the ideal vehicles for metals investors (those taking physical delivery of said metals) to play the volatility in spot pricing to their advantage.

As we have illustrated more than once, ETF’s and leveraged ETF’s may have very wild swings in price though the underlying commodities (gold and silver) often remain in the same “range” through those wild swings. Effective in that instance, the ETF’s provide a way to create more paper, in which to then, as mentioned earlier, turn into physically good delivered gold and silver bullion.


That said, one of the reasons that we are so confident in the fact that at some point Trump will make mention of said metals backed currency is simple: As we mentioned earlier, there is an above average chance that Trump is a BRICS nation chosen candidate. The same BRICS nations that have spent the past several years positioning to become the most dominant (and perhaps the only) dominant economic force in the world. We have seen both China and Russia amass tremendous gold stores (and continue to do so each month) with what we forecast to be the intention of either entirely or partially backing their respective currency floats with hard assets. Understanding the Eastern “long term” banking philosophy is critical in understanding the “why”.

Without going into excessive details on concepts that have probably been mentioned on this site thousands of times, a gold and silver (finite and tangible) asset that requires industrial effort to mine, is in fact THE foundation for a stable economy. This is something that history has proven to be the favored, again “long term” empire building / economics approach by the “far east”. As something we call the “speed of information” / “speed of business” continues to increase in a technology-centric world, the need for a more streamlined and effective (stable) system of economics is not so much a “want”, but a natural evolution of economic systems.

Once again, without going into excessive detail, even in the past 20 years, the speed and interconnectivity of global business has increased by many orders of magnitude. As such, the need for something we have only come to call conceptually the “unified metals backed currency” becomes more and more apparent. In other words, the means of exchange / system of economic exchange evolving (no pun intended) to keep up with the interconnectivity and speed of global business.


It goes without saying that at some point (we have no exact time frame in terms of forecast information), the United States as an economy must be assimilated into said system. For those that are about to jump up and down and yell “new world order”… please save it. I along with other members of the Evolution development team have done enough “alt-right radio” that we have just about heard it all in so far as the alleged “new world order”. The reality of the situation is that a unified global metals backed currency is inevitability.

In fact, I dare say in a room full of economists, the notion of gold and silver as “money” (with everything else being credit, as JP Morgan once said) might be about the only thing they can agree on. It just so happens that once one understands those concepts, the idea of Trump suggesting (and very possibly enacting) a metals backed dollar becomes far more plausible than it may initially appear. This is a prelude or a requirement to a concept that we (and others) have come to call the “fourth industrial revolution”.

There have been volumes written on what that may or may not be and that is not something we are going to speculate on in this piece. What we will say though is that a unified metals backed currency is effectively a requirement for a global, industrio-technological peacetime economy.


2016 Silver Eagles SaleWith that in mind, we once again must consider that as banking power shifts towards the far east, particularly in terms of metals price discovery vies a vis the SGE (Shang Hai Gold Exchange), metals will continue to play a very integral part in the “re-ordering” of the world, far beyond economics. Metals are (yet again) becoming a very effective way to enact social engineering and social architecture policy vis a vis economics. If that sounds vaguely like we are referencing “transference of wealth”… we are.


Now then, for those that may still think that what we have written about here is simply “theory”… realize that we were very accurate in forecasting the BREXIT vote, as well as the motivation behind said bruit vote. As wrote about (and produced videos on) months prior to the actual vote date, the BREXIT referendum was a way for the ever-important banking center of Europe (The City of London) to self-insulate from the likely implosion of the EU (vies a vis further referendum exit votes). Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, the BREXIT vote was a quick and easy way to allow the City of London to align with the metals-centric BRICS nations.

What we will be forward in saying is that in addition to information from the Evolution 4.0 system, contacts within Evolution’s network of experts have also confirmed the intent (and in-progress processes) of creating an “integrated system between the City of London and the SGE”.


What does that mean? Again, without getting into excessive details in this piece: The only entities left to repress / manipulate metals spot pricing by way of all the usual techniques (paper shorting, etc.) is the Federal Reserve and COMEX (ECB / BOJ to a lesser extent). While we could write volumes here on just that concept alone, the short story is that the Federal Reserve / COMEX does not stand a chance against a unified SGE/COL price discovery system. Lets not forget that with such price discovery power, the Far East gets to set the price of the metal that will likely be backing either the Yuan or some AIIB/BRICS unified currency soon.


That said, we once again return to the idea of “president Trump” and the metals backed dollar. Hopefully in reading the above paragraphs, the idea of the united states returning to a metals backed currency system (a go between step to an integrated global metals backed currency) does not seem so far fetched. Once again, based upon our research from Evolution 4.0 as well as our network of experts, said unified metals backed currency system is an inevitability. The need for global financial stability requires it.


As such, we are going to encourage those who have been following the research concepts of Evolution Consulting and using metals market / equity market volatility as a means to create more “fiat” in which to then purchase metals with, to continue to do so. The speculative effects of the idea of the united states returning to a gold standard, if nothing else, will certainly create the kind of upside price action that will be to the benefit of those long various paper metals ETF/ETN/equity plays.



While we do realize this piece does deal with quite a few major economic concepts only at the very macro level, those interested in the “gory details” are encouraged to visit We do offer both “Switch and Signal” our active trading guide, as well as Wirehaus (our deep level monthly research journal). In said publications, we delve into details as they relate to the “global re-ordering of economics”, the “Global Economic Reset”, and other important information that we consider “need to know” for anyone that is looking to not simply “survive” an economic cataclysm, but prosper as the result of it.

Additionally, we do encourage those reading this to take a look at the Grant Street Notes Metals Investing Guide 2016. We consider it by far one of the best publications we have ever prodded and illustrates in great detail proof of concept in terms of “convert paper into more paper into metal”, as well as many of the details not mentioned in this article.

**Note: At the time of the writing of this piece, Evolution Consulting does not (and has not) had any business relationships with metals brokers, dealers, or metals sales firms.

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