Brian Lundin: The Rising Tide Of Uncertainty Is Bullish For Gold

Brian says that gold is in a very good place going into the end of the year. As for the US Economy, Brian says “we could be in recession now”…

Brian Lundin interviewed on The Power & Market Report

Brian Lundin discusses the latest drivers of the gold market, including the latest fall that started in early September. Brian says the gold market has become disconnected from the reality of inflation expectations right now, which has been bearish for gold but will ultimately prove to be very bullish.

After, that, discussion moves towards the current state of the US economy as well as analysis on whether the US is poised for continued recovery. There is also discussion on the Trump Tax cuts, and what effect that could have on the markets moving forward.

The conversation then shifts to the US bond markets. Are investors about to rotate into bonds? How can the Fed keep raising rates before changing course?

Finally, Brian gives this thoughts on the prospect of additional rate hikes in 2017.