*Breaking Alert: US Mint SOLD OUT of Silver Eagles! 2 Million Coin Surplus Sold in Under 2 Hours!

The US Mint has just issued an alert to Primary Dealers across the US that Silver Eagle inventories, which according to the Mint began today at over 2 million ounces, are now SOLD OUT as of 12:30pm EST. 

*Updated 1:45 pm EST


gold & silver sold out


The Mint has reportedly sold through over 2 million ounces in less than 2 hours!

It appears that the $15.50 level was the line that broke the camel’s back regarding physical inventories, as physical demand has simply EXPLODED on this morning’s futures dip below $15.20. 

*SDBullion took delivery of 10 Monster Boxes of Silver Eagles from the US Mint this morning, and currently have 20 monster boxes left in inventory. 
When they’re gone, they’re gone!

1:45pm EST Update: 

At approximately 1pm EST, one of the largest Primary Dealers in the US issued a notice to all purchasers that premiums for ANY PREVIOUSLY PLACED PURCHASES FOR SILVER EAGLES ARE NO LONGER VALID!

This is simply unprecedented!

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