Borrowing From MasterCard to Pay For Visa-Gregory Mannarino

imagesFinancial analyst Gregory Mannarino says, “The Fed cannot and will not stop printing. . . If they do that, overnight the system would collapse. . . . They are in desperation mode.” Mannarino thinks the U.S. should be cutting spending and not raising the debt ceiling. He contends, “By raising the debt ceiling, we are borrowing from our MasterCard to pay for our Visa.” Mannarino says global central banks are all “. . . purchasing gold and silver in record numbers. Meanwhile, they are flooding the world with fiat currency.” Despite a lackluster market in precious metals, Mannarino thinks people should keep accumulating gold and especially silver. Mannarino proclaims, “Silver is the most undervalued asset in the history of the world.” Mannarino predicts the middle class will be left “desperate, distraught and completely wiped out . . . when this thing collapses. We’re going to see a two-tier society.” Mannarino says it’s all because “we have a madman running the Federal Reserve.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino.

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