Bob Moriarty Calls Out Gold & Silver Sound Money Advocates Alasdair Macleod & Bill Murphy

Moriarty calls-out Macleod as a fraudster who has invented “new math”, and Moriarty calls out Murphy as an online troll. Here are the details…

We’ve had Macleod, Moriary and Murphy on Silver Doctors before, so check out our extensive playlist of Silver Doctors interviews if you have not already.

Nonetheless, Bob Moriarty has taken the time to publicly call out two outstanding advocates in the world of honest, sound money – Alasdair Macleod and Bill Murphy.

Macleod and Murphy are two of the most genuine gold & silver advocates I can personally think of, and they have been relentless in their fight in what most would call a losing battle.

It’s not a losing battle, and it sure seems the tide has finally turned, especially as the silver “market” becomes totally disconnected from all reality.

That said, onto Moriarty’s calling out of Macleod & Murphy.

What’s the problem with Macleod?

Here’s Moriarty’s most recent article via Streetwise Reports (bold and bold added for emphasis)

The short blurb was titled “Bullion Banks and Paper Gold” and Alasdair went on to say,

“By smashing the gold price, bullion banks have reduced their short positions on Comex by $35 to $40 billion. If OI (Open Interest) had continued to rise from mid-Jan some of them would be bust. This is what it is all about. Is the smash over? Maybe. But the paper market game will never be the same.”

You have to read it very carefully and be able to think for yourself to see the multiple fatal flaws in one simple paragraph.

His new math seems to suggest that the bullion banks (actually there is not really any such thing) smashed the price of gold by reducing short positions by $35 to $40 billion. That’s a lot of gold.

Every commodity contract has both one buyer and one seller. Doesn’t matter what the commodity. One buyer, one seller. That’s how we know that anyone talking about “Naked Short Selling” is a fraud because it can’t exist.

You can buy first or you can sell first but before the contract expires, you have to take the opposite position to close. And since the open interest fell out of bed, someone was closing a lot of positions.

So if you were one of these Bullion Banks (Bullion Banks by the way, if they are trading for their own position would be speculators, not commercials), if you were a Bullion Bank exiting $35 to $40 billion worth of gold shorts you would have to purchase $35 to $40 billion of gold.

I’m sure others would like to and will chime in on the matter of gold (and silver) price suppression.

However, let’s cut right to the “naked short selling” chase and hear it from a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury himself, Paul Craig Roberts,  in a Silver Doctors interview conducted in November of 2019 (the video will start playing at the correct time-stamp of the “naked short selling” discussion, which is several minutes in length so at least listen until Dr. Roberts mentions exactly that):

In other words, what we have here is a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury specifically discussing the fact that there is active gold (and silver) price suppression taking place, and one of the mechanisms that allows the suppression to take place is “naked short selling”.

Said differently, Paul Craig Roberts says “naked short selling” is a matter of regular practice for suppressing price.


What’s the problem with Bill Murphy?

Bob Moriarty makes the claim that Murphy is an online troll.

The claim appears to be a quick, personal snipe – an attack on character – from Moriarty against Murphy.

From the same recent Bob Moriarty article (bold added for emphasis):

In my best selling Nobody Knows Anything, where Bill Murphy likes to sneak in a negative review every couple of months under a fake name, I have a whole chapter called Buzz Words that Illuminate. You see there are certain buzzwords that indicate just how much a person knows about their subject or it indicates that they are a fraud, not just ignorant.

You cannot have naked short selling in commodities, it cannot exist, remember, one buyer, one seller per contract. No naked short selling and certainly no naked long purchases. Comex default is another indication you are dealing with a fraud. You cannot have a default of any commodity contract. All commodities call for cash settlement if necessary.

Another of my favorite cons is saying Commercial Signal Failure through it hasn’t been all that popular since I pointed out there was no such thing.

Now I realize that I really do need to add a couple of terms to that book. The use of Bullion Banks indicates someone is trying to BS you. Yes, banks do trade on their own behalf. Those that do would be speculators and if Alasdair wanted to point out accurately that it was the speculators that were covering contracts by massive selling, he would have gotten it dead right. But banks have the same right to speculate as you do or I do or any hedge fund does.

I’m not sure where the need came in for a personal snipe there?

Such an accusation may or may not even be true, but then again, I’m assuming Moriarty is not as technically savvy as myself, a person who has a college degree in Information Systems and Security as well as numerous IT industry certifications, but I could be wrong as to Moriarty’s technical savvy, so if Moriarty does hold more extensive expertise in the area of computer & networking hardware and software, my apologies in advance.

The bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Sunday in late March?

When the attacks on honest money advocates picks up, we’re close.

Hopefully when this fraud is exposed, once and for all.

“Futures markets” as we know them will vanish.

“It’s for producer hedging”, they said.

Uh, well, it was for much more.

It was for total supremacy.

Of mighty King Dollar.

It’s now mortally?



It is.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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