Bo Polny Outdoes Himself: Predicts Gold to $2k & Silver to $60…By MAY

Bo Polny Believes A Breakout Has Just Occurred in Silver, and Prices Are About to “Explode” Over 300% Higher…In The Next 72 DAYS…


(Editor’s Note: While we would love to see gold and silver over $2,000 and $60/oz by May, we suggest taking Polny’s latest PM forecast with a grain of salt, considering his previous track record)

Submitted by Bo Polny:

In December 2016 while market analysts Martin Armstrong and Harry Dent were once again writing about gold UNDER $1000, we stated on December 16, 2016 gold had bottomed at $1124 and would go NO LOWER (to VERIFY Click Here).

We ended up being correct to the exact day and price.

Then on February 10, 2017 we posted this video below indicating Gold & Silver were to BREAKOUT BEGINNING the week of February 13-17, 2017 and to expect a NEW DAWN for the precious metals. On February 16, 2017 silver closed at $18.07 ABOVE a 6-year UNbroken Bullish Wedge at $18, see attached chart.


A PRICE EXPLOSION follows in the days and weeks ahead! Gold will be over $2000 and Silver over $60 by May 2017, if not sooner; and the fear-provoking gold analysts Armstrong and Dent will once and for all be proven incorrect!