Bo Polny: BREATHTAKING Crash in USD Before Summer?

1The US Dollar topped on March 16th, 2015, expect continued weakness into the end of April with a BREATHTAKING crash before summer! 
Does cycle analysis foreshadow a WORLD Economic Collapse & $2,000 gold in 2015? 


Submitted by Bo Polny:

On March 16, 2015 a post titled…  Beware March 2015  (LINK click here)   stating… “Cycle analysis indicates before the month of March 2015 is over, the world will get a renewed taste of falling stock markets and an impressive step up in both Gold and Silver!  Do not forget to come back and re-read this article April 1, 2015; current Gold & Silver price is $1158.60 & $15.64, respectively.”


Since the post, the US Stock Markets have reversed and are falling; while both Gold & Silver are rising with prices currently $1212.00 & $17.25, respectively.


Below are a few slides from the presentation at Mines and Money Conference in Hong Kong March 25, 2015.



In November 2014 there were 270 million silver and 113 million Gold contracts traded and as of March 24, 2015 the volume for March is only 23 million Silver and 13 million Gold contracts traded.  Something has changed in March 2015, as approximate 90% of the volume has dried up and simply disappeared!



Expected Coincidence for 2015:



Looking at Silver, Gold and the Mining Stock in 2015: